Helicopter tours have become very popular. Some like the tours of Kauai and Maui go to places unaccessible any other way. Helicopter rides like in San Francisco tours give you a unigue vantage of the resort you are visiting. Some of the Grand Canyon tours departing from Las Vegas, let you see places you wouldn’t be able to get if time is tight. There are even a few wedding tours too!

We’ve taken some time to round up info on the various tours available worldwide from many different companies. We’ve also provided links to a company called Viator so you can book your tours. You can also book directly with the company but we prefer Viator because they are a larger independent company. They also guarantee the lowest price and give away airline miles with each order. You can get miles on American Airlines, Delta, United and US Airways (one mile per dollar spent).

Please explore our site and enjoy your next helicopter tour!