“ice Dams In Montgomery County Maryland Need A Handyman Company”

Ice dams and ice dam prevention is a concern again this winter during the last few snow storms, due to the thousands of homeowners in Montgomery County Maryland that suffered from extensive damages last year with ice damming on their roofs last year.

If your home has had a problem with ice dams in the past and you still haven’t been able to put any ice dam prevention methods in place, the problems will occur again. Be on the lookout for icicles hanging from your gutters this winter for ice dams and if you notice a problem, hire a contractor as soon as possible. Icicles are usually one of the first warning signs of possible ice dams on your roof and if you don’t act quickly extensive damages will occur to your walls and ceilings from the melting snow.

This article will go over the basic questions you need to ask when hiring a contractor to remove ice dams and to find a solution to your ice damming problems.

How to hire an experienced ice dam removal contractor

Before hiring any contractor to perform ice dam removal services on your home make sure that you ask them the following questions. Hiring an inexperienced contractor to remove ice dams can lead to thousands of dollars in damages to your home and to your roof. It can also cause you significant legal issues as well if they contractor doesn’t carry liability insurance or workers compensation.

How long have you provided ice dam removal services?

Over 80% of companies fail within their first five years of business due to bad planning, lawsuits or bad service. Make sure the contractor you hire has experience performing the services you need and that the company is stable enough to be around in the future if problems arise from the work they performed.

Do you use OSHA approved safety harness’s and equipment to perform the job?

Ice dam removal isn’t as simple as most people think. A lot of contractors become overnight experts when the need for services is high but they skip details like safety equipment, training and learning from someone with experience. Skipping safety details can cause someone to be paralyzed or killed. Owning the correct safety equipment isn’t cheap but it’s worth it’s weight in gold when your sliding off the roof of a 4 story home!

Do you use sub contractors to fulfill your contracts?

Many contractors use sub contractors as fill in employees to meet their service obligations. Sub contractors aren’t always a bad choice, the problem is do they have the same experience level and quality of workmanship that you were promised?

Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

In most states there are laws governing anyone that does any type of repairs or maintenance on a residential property to have a Home Improvement License, Insurance, Workers Compensation and a Bond. In my opinion, these are the minimum requirements you should ask for when hiring a contractor for anything at your home.

Before hiring a contractor for removing ice dams or for preventing ice damming on your home, make sure you do some research on hiring a contractor to avoid some of the common scams.

Henry Bockman is a Veteran in Montgomery County Maryland and operates two companies, Commercial Restorations and Henry’s Housework Inc. His companies provide services in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia since 1989.

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