VHV180 Hoover Tumble Dryer – The Sensible Option!

If you’re tired of relying on the British weather to allow you to dry all of your laundry in the open air, then it is time you invested in a new tumble dryer like the Hoover VHV180.

Unfortunately us Brits don’t really see much of a summer and spend most of our time dodging the downpours! It’s time we all got a bit sensible and bought a tumble dryer, rather than waiting for the rare opportunity that we can dry our laundry outside. You can still dry our clothes outside on those rare occasions; however the tumble dryer will be there for you for the other 360 days of the year!

Many people still have concerns about tumble dryers and investing in one for their home. The first concern that people have is the space that it will take up in their kitchen or utility. Tumble dryers are very compact and typically fit into a 60cm gap – this is far less space than it takes to dry all your laundry inside on clothes maidens or on all of your radiators. Secondly people are concerned by the energy wastage. Many tumble dryers are now as energy efficient as they can be. Take the Hoover VHV180 tumble dryer for example, this is C energy rated making it an efficient way to dry all of your clothes. This will use less energy than having the heating on all day to dry your clothes in the house.

What are the other benefits of drying your clothes with a tumble dryer? One of the main benefits would have to be saving you time. Many models like the VHV180 from Hoover can dry up to 8kg of laundry at a time, so you won’t have to waste washing and then drying smaller loads. In addition to this the Hoover VHV180 tumble dryer comes with an easy iron programme. If you use this programme you will have to waste less time doing the ironing and more time doing things that you really enjoy.

What else does the Hoover VHV180 tumble dryer have to offer?

Refresh option – This is a great feature when your clothes just need a quick freshen up. You can quickly freshen up your once worn items and wear them again, without worrying about any odours!

Reverse action drum – The reverse action drum prevents your clothes from becoming tangled and creased, therefore you will have to spend less time slaving over the ironing.

Large porthole and wide opening door – The large, wide opening door makes loading and unloading easier, so you can tackle all of your laundry in one easy step.

This article has been written to act as a buying guide for people in the market for a new tumble dryer. The aim of the article is to explain the benefits of tumble dryers.

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RV Campgrounds in Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon national park in United States is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites and is located entirely in Northern Arizona. This place is one of the most famous tourist destinations of the world. The canyon is an exciting and adventurous experience. You’ll be mesmerized to see the sight of such a huge Canyon.

There are a number of RV parks and campgrounds in and near Grand Canyon National Park. RV camping is one of the best ways to enjoy the scenic landscape of Grand Canyon.

Some of the best RV campgrounds in Grand Canyon National Park are:

1. Grand Canyon/Desert View
This campground has a lot to offer to its tourists. Some of its striking features are 50 pull-thrus, pets on leash, tenting facility, restrooms, payphones and Waste dump. This campground is nearby Grand Canyon Village.

2. Grand Canyon/North Rim
This is one of the best campgrounds of this place. It features 83 pull-thrus, rooms for slide-outs and Bryce Canyon National Park is located just a few minutes away. Some of the basic amenities they provide are restrooms, payphones, tenting services, waste dump, laundry, restaurant and showers.

3. Grand Canyon Railway RV Park
These RV parks are the most popular destinations in Arizona. They have all state-of-the-art facilities to offer to its visitors. Whether you are in a couple or in a family this Park offers you everything you need for an unforgettable experience.

4. Bright Angel Campground
This campground is located on the River Colorado’s north shore. The three trails the River trail, the South Kaibab trail and the North Kaibab trail all converge below this campground. The phantom ranch is just half-mile to the north. This place boasts of its lovely surroundings and the presence of Colorado River makes this place absolute paradise to visit. The campground entails a washroom and a ranger station.

5. Kaibab Camper Village
The place is just 1 mile south west of Jacob Lake Inn. This is the closest full hook-up campground to the Grand Canyon National Park. Horseback riding and great hiking are some of the great features of this place. There is a newly restored Ranger Cabin that offers various interpretive programs, arranged by the Forest Service. People here enjoy calmness of pine trees. The camper store has a huge selection of grocery items, souvenirs and RV parts.

These are some of the best RV campgrounds in Grand Canyon National Park. Make sure you visit them on your next trip to Arizona!

Read more about rv campgrounds directory. Going to Arizona? Know all Arizona RV Parks

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Visiting the Grand Canyon – Grand Canyon Bus Tours

For you to enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the canyon is make sure to take the Grand Canyon bus tours. This will give you enough time to be fascinated with the picture perfect views surrounding the region.

People can have their choice of tours also. Many of the scheduled tours are during daytime and came from Las Vegas, thus tourists may visit the canyon for a couple of hours and then return to the lively big city at night. Most tourists also chooses to stay overnight in the Grand Canyon to witness the beautiful sunrise and sunset.

One particular thing why people love traveling through Grand Canyon bus tours are the knowledgeable tour guides especially in touring around the canyon, as people will discover more about this spectacular region when taking a bus tour. They will be able to discover the history, the beginning of the national park and the early dwellers here. Whatever people can learn from their visit, they will definitely appreciate the companionship of an expert tour guide.

Today, numerous Grand Canyon bus tours visit the West Rim, the location of the latest Skybridge. This place is a bit near to the city compared to the South rim, and this amazing structure has turn out to be a famous spot for thousands of tourists. This bridge is located on the tribal land of Native Americans, and to be able to enter the place, be sure to get admission to the Skybridge or you will miss the spectacular experience seeing this innovative structure.   

The South Rim is the most traveled place in the canyon because this where most of the restaurants, accommodations and vistas are situated. People who are riding on a South Rim bus tour will have the chance to see the historical Grand Canyon Village. Most of the accommodations here are historical and spectacular and there are many superb dining choices here. Remember; make sure to ride on a bus when visiting the canyon to enjoy the views, shopping centers, as well as the relaxing ambiance along the rim trail also.

If you want to make the most of your Grand Canyon Bus Tours, we can offer the most comfortable trip for you and your family! Las Vegas Bus Tour is another way in having great journey throughout Las Vegas.

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See the Grand Canyon by Helicopter

Enjoy the Grand Canyon like never before with Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours. Observe the magnificent geological rock structures that are thousands and thousands of years in the making from beneath the “Rim” as your flight descends straight into this amazing natural wonder of the planet. Get an amazing perspective of such landmarks as Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, a desert wilderness along with a spectacular aerial view of Las Vega and the neon lights along the Strip.
Grand Canyon Helicoptresoffer you free hotel pick-up and drop-off helping to make this incredible excursion certainly one of the most popular. Start your own air adventure with an incredible trip along the length of the famous Las Vegas “Strip” and find great sights of the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. Envision having a look straight down at the mighty Colorado River while you go next to the Canyon’s Rim then descending the furthest inside the depths of the Grand Canyon. The wonderful tones and awe inspiring views will present tourists with a great many one-of-a-kind photo opportunities as you go on to the Valley of Fire, the Iceberg Canyon and the Bowl of Fire. Soar through entire Wild West villages which have long since been deserted and proceed on to discover silver mines of long ago.

Allow Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours take you deeper into the Canyon for a decadent champagne picnic then cross above Las Vegas famed neon Strip on your approach back. Floating over the Strip will give you a new appreciation for landmarks such as the Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace, Treasure Island, the Mirage, Monte Carlo, the MGM Grand, the Flamingo Hilton, the Venetian and the Stratosphere Tower which rises an amazing 1,149 feet in the air. Whether you prefer a day or perhaps mid-day journey excursion, Las Vegas Helicopter Tours deliver friendly, experienced tour guides who also possess an abundance of knowledge about all of the attractions all along the way. Consider this fantastic tour that can take a person through the air of the pleasure capital of the world and one of the leading natural wonders of the world inside a large helicopter styled to seat six customers comfortably with exclusive limo pick-up and drop-off. Get better than a bird’s-eye perspective of extinct volcanoes as well as all the various other marvelous sights in and around the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas region.

Make a reservation for Las Vegas Helicopter Tours that can provide everyone an exceptional viewpoint of famous Downtown Fremont Street and from your way back, get an unique view of the space beam of the Luxor! Enjoy fabulous and dramatic action of the renowned casino and hotel lighting displays. These breathtaking Las Vegas and Grand Canyon Tours are approximately 45 minutes each way leaving visitors plenty of time to take in the many attractions to be explored on the ground.

Absolutely no trip to Las vegas may be considered complete without witnessing a magnificent and unique display of this city’s neon light show, the natural treasures of the Grand Canyon combined with the beauty and tough landscape of the desert wilderness. It is well worth taking a little time to find out about the many Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours and Las Vegas Helicopter Tours that will give all who experience them, memories to last a lifetime.

Grand Canyon helicopter tours let you view the colorful city of las Vegas from the air before taking you to the Canyon or Hoover Dam. From the air the Grand Canyon is more than just a sight to see. It’s an experience to behold. Take wing on the quietest and most state-of-the-art helicopters, look down at the Canyon, see places you cannot see on foot with Hoover Dam helicopter tours

Encountering the Grand Canyon Up Close

Absorb the panoramic views as you ride above the Hoover Dam bypass bridge prior to driving through the Southwest Desert to indulge in a small time in Kingman, Arizona. Discover breathtaking vistas of the Southern Rim from one of the various overlooks in addition to many additional sight-seeing opportunities within the Historical Village District in which you’ll be able to also visit a new and modern Guest Information Center. There will be plenty of time for photo opportunitites, souvenir shopping or to simply immerser yourself in the surrounding scenery during the brief stops that your professional guide will make for your convenience.

Luxury bus tours are the most convenient and relaxing way to experience all the splendor and majesty that the Grand Canyon’s South Rim has to offer. Detailed with dazzling slopes and cliffs, this important natural miracle shows a magnificent display of natural erosion found no place else on earth. Coach tours will even take you to check out the deepest elements within the Grand Canyon at Bright Angel and Mather Points which is one mile deep, eighteen miles wide and an staggering 277 miles in length! Some of the various other attractions which your luxury Motorcoach tour might stop at are the famous train station, the Indian Hopi House Art Museum, Kolb Studio and the Look-Out studio.

Visitors will also want to take time for bus tours that take you along the Grand Canyon’s West Rim. Here everyone will certainly have the chance to appreciate the captivating splendor of the natural wonder of the world as viewed through the viewpoint of the people, the Hualapai Indians. Skywalk Bus Tours from Las Vegas will definitely present you an exceptional chance to travel throughout twenty one magnificent miles within the most ancient and largest Joshua Tree Forests in the world. And once on this famous reservation, the Hualapai Indians will take you to observe a fundamentally undisturbed section within the Grand Canyon. Travel back in its history and understand even more of many of our Native Americans that also are proud of their culture having a distinct respect for nature. Experience a time-honored, authentic barbeque lunch made courtesy of the Hualapai Indians from 3,500 feet on top of the Colorado River.

To get a Grand Canyon excursion that is equal to no other, why don’tyou try one of the luxury over night bus tours that will begin with a departure right from Las Vegas directly to the South Edge. Soaring above famous landmarks such as Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam and a desert wilderness on your way to the Grand Canyon National Park Airport gives visitors a new perspective of the majesty of this natural wonder of the world. Upon your planned arrival you are going to indulge in all the interesting attractions that the Grand Canyon holds on your deluxe Motorcoach tour.

Las Vegas bus tour is an thrilling and reasonably priced way to enjoy your time in the Las Vegas area. Next time you are in Las Vegas be sure to include Las Vegas bus tour on the plans.

Hiking Trips In Grand Canyon

If you love hiking, then you would love to visit the Grand Canyon. Each year there are millions of travelers coming here to stand at the edge of a spectacular natural wonder of the globe. They want to gaze out at the large space and to feel awed and humbled.

There is another way to experience the Grand Canyon.


The Grand Canyon boasts hundreds of miles of hiking trails that can take you on a variety of adventures, ranging from one-day dips beneath the rim to seven-day adventures that take you to the Colorado River and back and everything in between. Planning though is key because the Grand Canyon averages more annual helicopter rescues than any other national park in the world. Planning is also important because it’s a competitive game trying to get permits.


So here are some guidelines:


First decide which trail(s) you would like to hike. If you’re new to the Grand Canyon I recommend staying on the corridor trails for your first round; that means the South Kaibab, North Kaibab, and Bright Angel Trails. If you’re feeling more adventurous the Hermit, New Hance, Grandview, Tonto and Tanner Trails are all excellent tastes of the wilder side of the Canyon.


Second decide when you want to hike the Canyon. The best times, because of winter storms and scorching summer temperatures, are from mid March to mid May, and from mid September to mid November. Summer temperatures can reach 110 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade, and winter storms can drop a foot or more of snow at the rims.


Third secure your permits. Permits become available four months in advance on the first of the month. For example, if you want April permits they become available on December first. You secure permits through the Backcountry Office at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Their phone number is 928-638-7875, but you’ll have to fax your permit request in to the office. Their fax number is 928-638-2125.


You’ll find out about ten days later if you received your desired permits.


Once you have your permits it’s time to plan the specifics. First you have to get yourself to the Grand Canyon. The best way to do that is to fly into Phoenix or Flagstaff and rent a car. The best place to stay before your trip is in the small town of Tusayan, a short five minute drive from the South Rim Village. The hotels in Tusayan are more affordable than the hotels at the South Rim and often have more availability.


For gear, you’ll need backpacks with a minimum of 4,000 square inches of packing space, a sleeping bag rated at a maximum of 30 degrees, sleeping pads, tents, cooking stoves, cooking pots and pans, food, water containers, first-aid kits, extra clothes, blister precautions, and possibly a satellite phone.


If you’re an experienced backpacker, this is a pretty common list and won’t be a problem. If you’re not, you may consider going on a guided tour where they take care of the permits, supply all the gear and food, and equip you with a professional Grand Canyon hiking guide. Either way, it’s a peak experience and the adventure of a lifetime!


For information on guided tours to the Grand Canyon, see the Wildland Trekking Company’s Grand Canyon Hiking Tours.

For information on guided hikes to other destinations, see Wildland Trekking’s homepage.

For information on obtaining permits in the Grand Canyon for your own hiking trip, see the park service’s Backcountry Permit Page.

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Grand Canyon’s Experience

It was really amazing experience when I took a Grand Canyon tour with my family last month. I enjoy a wonder of nature with fantastic South Rim, various rock walls changing form dark green to bright red as the change of time. To keep these beautiful memory, I took pictures of rock walls with different colors. The beauty blides my eyes, which I want to stay there for a whole day. But because the place we came from is Las Vegas , we only stay about 2 hours to walk around this area.


We made full use of the short period of time. Though we could not take an in-depth venture to the main trail, we still managed to take an overview of the great canyon. The amazing natural wonder impressed everyone, and I decided to go hiking with my friends next time. It was turning dark, we went to our shelter and had supper there. There were many shelters, and almost all of them located along the Colorado River. It was very cold at night, so I had to wear my warm clothes. Next day we took an exciting flight tour. Flight tour was my favorite activity. We started from a local heliport and landed in the Canyon. The canyon is much larger than what I could imagine. And our pilot even took us to the deepest part of the canyon, and I took a picture there. Moreover, there are other interesting activities, for example, rafting trips along the Colorado River. As we took flight tour, we didn’t have enough time to explore this trip.


If you are interested in outdoor sightseeing and natural scenery, the canyon tour will be your best choice. Everyone will love this fantastic place at the first sight. Though there are millions of people visiting the canyon everyday, you can easily find a secluded place to enjoy a peaceful tour. I could collect my thoughts and fully relax myself in this graceful place. In addition, you had to prepare enough money for this canyon tour, for the price is very expensive there. So you’d better make a good plan and start save money now.


I enjoyed a happy family time in the canyon by these great Grand Canyon Vacation Packages.

Trip To the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is considered as a tourist destination with spectacular attractions which bring you a wonderful holiday. Here are some guides for you with Grand Canyon vacation.


The perfect destination for an adventure tour, the giant gorge could be the focal point of your American trip, set in the authentic wild west. Journey to the Nevada desert from Las Vegas and explore the land of cowboys and Indians with an overnight stay at a real cowboy camp in Glenn Canyon.


Situated close to man-made reservoir Lake Powell, why not drink in the arid landscape and enjoy what the local Glenn Canyon National Recreation Area has to offer? Including the marinas, where you can throw yourself into adventurous activities such as jet-skiing and kayaking.


The recreation centre also offers opportunities for 18-hole golf and fishing for striped, largemouth and smallmouth bass, and when the sun goes down you can turn in for the night at the cowboy camp after an open-air barbeque – the perfect moment to share your experiences with others taking part in an adventure holidays for singles.


To make the most of the local landscape, you could try hiking across Monument Valley, which is part of the Colorado Plateau and encompasses the plains and many craggy sandstone buttes dotted here and there. The location has been used as the backdrop to a wealth of western films over the years so grasp the opportunity to feel like the star of your own cowboy movie!


Journey across the desert in a jeep with a tour guide from the North American Indian Navajo tribe, which is native to the region., and pay a visit to the Cameron Trading Post, where you can find out more about the meeting place first established in 1911 as a place for Navajo and Hopi locals to trade their wares, such as wool, blankets and livestock.


And don’t forget to explore the Native American Indian Art Antiques Gallery to learn more about local history and see first hand exhibits of antique beadwork, pottery and Old West memorabilia. Items of native American Indian art are on sale at the gallery, providing the perfect mementos from the trip.


Next stop on your tour from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon is the spectacle itself. Be prepared for jaw-dropping views of the natural wonder, which has been carved over millions of years by the Colorado River. Sunrise and sunset walks are scheduled to take place around the giant gorge, providing the perfect opportunity to see the canyon in all its natural glory. If you’re brave enough you can always opt for a helicopter ride over the gorge for an experience you’ll never forget.


Following your adventures in the Grand Canyon National Park, it’s time to take a trip down the Mother Road, or Route 66. Designed to be a highway connecting towns and communities from Chicago and Los Angeles, the stretch has become world-renowned and even featured in the lyrics penned by Bobby Troup “get your kicks on Route 66”, which were released by Nat King Cole in 1946.


Along the way, don’t forget to take a break at the Hoover Dam for some snapshots of the formidable-looking concrete structure, which has provided power for utilities in Nevada, Arizona and California since 1936.


And then it’s time to return to Las Vegas for the journey home, but before you do you simply must pay a visit to the city’s most famous attractions – the casinos. After all, what trip to Las Vegas could be complete without going through the doors of Cesar’s Palace?


Many of the casinos feature eye-catching facades, such as a volcano at The Mirage, fountains at the Bellagio and the sirens of Treasure Island.


If gambling really isn’t your forte, there’s much more to entertain you in the city of neon lights than poker chips. For example, there is much to learn at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum and entertainment abounds at the Fremont Street Experience, with performers taking to the streets to put on free shows every evening. The latter could be a draw for budget-conscious holidaymakers who have spent up on their visit to the Grand Canyon.


Nearby is the Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix, which provides fun racing action for adults and youngsters, while the Fiesta Ice Arena could tempt travellers to an impromptu ice hockey match.


If you’re looking for a break full of adventure and excitement, a tour from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon could be a western experience you’ll never forget.


No adventure tour would be complete without a tour from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon through the Nevada desert. Make sure you take in these unmissable sights on your adventure holiday for singles.

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Grand Canyon Fast Facts

Ah, the Grand Canyon – one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and one of the most awe striking sights to behold on the Earth. Some people claim that if you have seen it once, you have seen it enough. I, however, disagree wholeheartedly. It is more than just easy on the eyes, it is a miracle.

– The Grand Canyon stretches across 277 miles of the northern Arizona plains. It has an average depth of about one mile and at one point is over 18 miles across from rim to rim.

– The canyon houses over 250 species of birds, five species of reptiles, and almost 100 species of mammals, several of which are native and exclusive to the canyon.

– The Colorado River runs through the canyon at an average width of almost 300 feet and depth of about 100 feet. Its current averages 1,000 cubic feet of water per second, which is often compared to the speed of 1,000 basketballs passing by every second.

– The north rim of the Grand Canyon is much taller than its south rim; at some points almost a mile taller. There is only one bridge going from south to north across the canyon because of this vast difference in height.

– The difference in temperature between the rim and the bottom of the canyon can be up to 35 degrees.

– White water rapids rafting is so popular in the Grand Canyon that if you are lucky enough to go on a trip, you are not allowed to go back within the calendar year. The waiting list for white water rapids rafting trips on the Colorado River is currently almost a year and a half long.

– The Grand Canyon was made a national monument in 1908, four years before Arizona became a state. The area became a national park in 1919.

– Despite only five percent of the park being intensely surveyed for artifacts, there has been over 2,700 artifacts found. The oldest of them, left by Desert Archaic cultures, are up to 3,000-4,000 years old.

The Grand Canyon can be overwhelming for first time visitors, but it can also be a favorite vacation spot for families, new romances, or anyone who is interested in pure, natural beauty. If you have not had the opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon, you should do so as soon as possible.

I’ve searched numerous books, magazines, and websites related to trivia and have compiled the best of what I’ve found. And I want to share it with all of you for FREE. I’ve created websites about general knowledge, sports trivia and many other things. Check them out, you’ll be happy that you did.

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Minimal Travel to Hoover Dam As a Las Vegas Tour in a Thoroughbred Stallion

About 30 miles to the southeast of Las Vegas lies the beautiful Hoover Dam, on the border of Nevada and Arizona. If you were vacationing in Las Vegas and didn’t have the means to travel beyond the Strip, you might not even realize it was so close. But right there in the city are all the resources you need to rent an affordable classic vehicle and embark on an epic Las Vegas tour!

Take a ride in Sadie, a 2008 Thoroughbred Stallion. Of course, she isn’t your typical derby horse-she’s more like a cross between a motorcycle and a very small car. The Stallion will seat two, and it doesn’t require a motorcycle permit to drive. You can enjoy all the technological luxuries of a car, like a CD player, steering wheel, drink holders, and even air conditioning!

Getting away to the Hoover Dam is one of the perfect Las Vegas excursions for the Stallion. It’s a mini oasis, and a getaway that is generally overlooked when people think of things to do around Las Vegas. Once Sadie negotiates the twists and turns en route to the dam, settle in for a day trip of whatever suits your fancy. Take a tour of the historic site, which was once the largest dam in the world, and learn its fascinating past.

Or, take a walk on the wild side with more scenic tours, river rafting, kayaking, or bike riding trips in the area. While you’re there, you can also explore Lake Mead, which was created by the Hoover Dam. Swim in its beautiful waters and even take advantage of the prime camping area there as part of your Nevada and Las Vegas tour.

If you’d miss the traditional dashboard and classic roadworthy grit of a real car, take off in Casey, a remake of a 1966 Ford Cobra classic. Her sleek leather exterior and finely painted exterior leave nothing to be desired, and her Ford racing engine leaves everyone else in the dust! You’ll experience the same breathtaking excitement with the Casey the convertible as you would in Sadie, with more of the familiarity.

Las Vegas Exotic Car Rentals: From 1928 to 2008 we have the LARGEST selection of Exotic, Classic and Luxury Rental Cars on the Strip! From Auburns to Packards, Voyager Classics Car Rentals has the largest selection of classics available for rent anywhere in Las Vegas.

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