Why is There Corruption With Infrastructure Projects and Dams in China?

There is no doubt that the Chinese are great infrastructure builders, and perhaps, they are better at building infrastructure then even other species of this planet, for instance ants that build giant colonies. One only has to look at the Great Wall of China to realize that when China gets serious about infrastructure, nothing can stop them. If you’ve ever been to Beijing, Shanghai, or even the Quangdong Province and have seen all of the buildings, infrastructure, factories, airports, etc., you’ll never forget it.

In fact, the Chinese have the world’s largest dam. It’s so big with so many tens of trillions of gallons of water that it has changed the balance of the planet and actually slowed down the rotation of the Earth by a measurable amount; as in micro-seconds. Some say it has also caused problems with plate tectonics in their regions, and altered the flow of Continental drift. How much? Some people say an even greater amount than the great ice shelves that have broken off at the poles.

The Three Gorges Dam project is not the only one. The Chinese have built tens of thousands of new dams on nearly all of their water ways and rivers. Unfortunately, many of these dams have been done with shoddy workmanship and have the same problem of corruption that the United States has had in New Orleans and Louisiana. This means that many of these dams might fall down in the future during Earthquakes or under extreme load during a large flood year.

Why is there so much corruption with regards to infrastructure projects and dams in China? Apparently, the Chinese have learned a lot about capitalism, but apparently they haven’t learned the long term ethical standards that are required, and the regulations to make it all work. With rampant corruption, one has to ask if China will re-experience one of the great floods of the last 100 years. If and when this happens, there will be only one culprit; Chinese Corruption. Please consider all this.

Not long ago, I mentioned this to Guang Wu, the author of a new book; “China: Has the Last Opportunity Passed by!?” and he indicated that this was a topic that the Chinese Government has been addressing and that often, the World media blows it out of proportion.

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